Tell me a story . . . the story that brings together the human community with every living being . . .

-- Thomas Berry             

Dayspring Earth Ministry lives at the intersection of faith and ecology. We view the root of our planetary, social, and economic crisis as a spiritual problem. Restoring our human connection and communion with the single sacred community of all life is the great possibility in our present crisis of planet and culture.

In classes and retreats, we invite people to listen to the cry of the Earth and respond with imagination, hope, and the courage to live a different way. We guide people into the outer realm of nature and the inner realm of soul where they can find their true nature and calling as part of a thriving Earth community.

The place from which our work and vision springs is Dayspring, a retreat center located on 206 acres of former farmland, now a rich mosaic of woodlands, meadows, ponds, and stream valleys. Since we began in 1988, we have built two small solar cottages, a solar greenhouse, and permaculture gardens -- an ongoing experiment in learning to live simply, justly and in harmony with the Earth.

  Dayspring Earth Ministry   11203 Neelsville Church Road   Germantown, Maryland 20876
  phone 301-916-4827     Jim Hall, Cheryl Hellner, Brian Higgins, and Trish Stefanik